Will You Ready to Pay Your Wallet to Buy a More-Than-$1000 iPhone 8?


There are reports said that iPhone 8 could be sell for more than $1,000, and that would be surely putting a lot of pressure under most of fans.

According to a survey released on Thursday by advertising agency Fluent, if the price of iPhone I more than $ 1,000 dollars, there would be only 13% consumers who would like to purchase; if the price reached at $1,400 in rumor, then only 8 percent of consumers would be willing to cut their wallet. Two-thirds of consumers said $ 1,000 is "much expensive", and twelve present people thought it worth for paying that high.

Among couple of month's rumor about the new iPhone 8, some information is the same, that is, Apple is going to seed three new phone products in the coming soon September, including the brand new iPhone 8 and two of iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. The price of iPhone 7S is keeping the same level of iPhone 7 launched this year with $ 649, while Phone 7S Plus might be $ 769. If you want to get more detailed information or rumors about the coming iPhone 8, then hit these stories.

High price of iPhone 8

The third or the most importantly product that Apple is going to release this fall is the brand new iPhone 8, with new features of edge-to-edge display, and iPhone adopts OLED technology for the first time to replace the constant LCD screen, OLED is more bright and clear then LCD, so it brings better visual effects to users.

Latest news from Apple official, iOS 11 developer beta 8 &public beta 7 just released to developers earlier on Monday, and it is believed that is the finally version of iOS 11, because it's so close to the official iOS in next month.

In addition to the new edge-to-edge display, iPhone 8 also adopts double all-glass fuselages, and from the leaked pics, that is possibly equipped with wireless charging.

Beside the new features and designs, iPhone 8 also carries a number of other black technologies such as facial recognition function, all of these make its price higher than $1,000. Some news even said it would be reached as 1,400 dollars as highest price, comparing with the price $ 969 with biggest storage of iPhone 7 Plus in first half this year.

Generally speaking, $ 1,000 might be a dividing line in most cases, none of the handset mobile makers dare to take this warning line, including flagship Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung is about $ 960. But the survey also indicated that most users about seventy percent consumers would to purchase another iPhone as they did before without considering other producers, even there are some much economic Android devices.

At the end of research of Fluent, even consumers may be upset about the high price of the new iPhone, but they will eventually pay.