President Trump is Being Sued by Blocked Twitter Users


The President of the United States Donald Trump has trouble now, he is suing by Columbia University's Knight First Amendment Institute for blocking people on Twitter, claiming that it violates free speech protections. The charge caused by 7 users who have been blocked by President Trump in Twitter.

If the ordinary users aren't strength enough to sue the president, now the Columbia University's Knight First Amendment Institute is standing out to support the users. The institute filed suit on behalf of seven Twitter users who were blocked by the president, which prevents them from seeing or replying to his tweets. It threatened legal action in a letter to Trump in June, and now "asks the court to declare that the viewpoint-based blocking of people from the @realDonaldTrump account is unconstitutional."

President Trump likes posting opinion in Twitter as many know, also because of this hobby he rolls into many troubles. Recently, someone is writing a letter to the White House again to remove their block to @realDonaldTrump on Twitter.

This is what things happen

As a super star in Twitter, every single tweet posted by @realDonaldTrump will attracted thousands of other users to leave comments. But there are judgments or critical opinion below, soon, the president is unhappy with that, so he has blocked some "annoying"users into his blacklist. Ant the blocked users are unhappy, too, because they can't see or reply Trump's tweets. The unhappiest users are @AynRandPaulRyan and @joepabike, they are composer Holly Mr Riley and professional cyclists, writer Joseph pappu. So soon they write a lawyer letter through Knight 1st Amendment and submit to While House. In the letter, the users asking the president to unblock people and claimed blocking critics was unconstitutional. The White House did not respond to the letter.

the letter wrote to While House
the letter wrote to While House

The lawyers say the Twitter account of Trump is a specified public BBS, which it will certainly suppress the public on the public forum are protected by the constitution of speech if Trump blocks other users. In order to prove Trump is "committed guilty", lawyers cite the case of Davison v. Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in letter. In that case, the court finally decided government's official social account cannot block users because of the different of the views.

As a matter of fact, most people don't believe the lawyer letter could restrain the President, otherwise, weather the Twitter account of President is a public forum, that remains to be discussed.

Will you think the Twitter account of President Trump is a public forum? And do you think President Trump should block uses? You'll be free to leave a comment bellow.