Nike will Start Selling in Amazon to Fight Fake Kicks


According to the latest report, E-commerce giant Amazon has established cooperative relationship with Nike, which it will help to sale Nike's shoes to reduce the fakes effectively.

This is more likely a win-win trade, which Nike will be able to better control the counterfeit goods on third-party seller of Amazon on the one hand; while bringing new sources of income to Amazon in the clothing and footwear market, which will help Amazon make new progress in apparel and fashion on the other hand. And that is a stopgap move: Amazon has allegedly been working on a registry of approved vendors to assure consumers that what they buy is the real product, and Nike might be the first brand to get this thorough vetting.

Nike used to sell their shoes on, one of website of Amazon's. However, different with competitor Adidas and Under Armour, Nike never allowed amazon to sell its products directly on it. While both Adidas and Under Armour have large custom shop on In addition, the deal will attract a large group of consumers mainly Amazon's shops.

All this is good for Amazon's new "Prime Wardrobe" program. Amazon was announced "Prime Wardrobe" plan on Tuesday in local time, it will send clothing to consumers in accordance with conditional partners through a returnable return box, and there is a prepaid freight label attached to the return box. The method of fitting before purchase may extend to a certain extent to some kind of shoes.

Seems consumers can buy Nike' shoes directly from Amazon worldwide now.