iOS 13 Rumored to Bring More New Features to iPad


Although iOS 12 is not launched yet, that hasn't stopped Apple from working on its 2019 operating system, which is likely to be called iOS 13. We've heard rumors about this new operating system, including some refreshing new features. It is being said that iOS 13 will bring more major iPad-focused feature upgrades.

Apple has several major iPad-focused features planned for next year's iOS 13 update, codenamed "Yukon," according to information shared by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman on Twitter.

Mark Gurman, the Bloomberg writer who regularly breaks scoops on upcoming Apple plans, casually dropped news of some planned iOS 13 features for iPad in a tweet. The new features, including support for using the same app side-by-side in Split View multitasking mode, and unspecified improvements to Apple Pencil. Some of this information was previously shared by Gurman in reports on Bloomberg, but details such as a revamped Files app are new.

Briefly they are including these new features:

  • A new Files app
  • Tabs within apps (similar to macOS)
  • The ability to run two instances of the same app side-by-side
  • Apple Pencil improvements
  • File system improvements (like the ability for docs to live outside apps)

The news has somehow credibility, Gurman previously reported that some features originally planned for iOS 12 will be pushed back to iOS 13 to allow Apple to work on bug fixes and performance improvements. Gurman claims that iOS 13 is code-named Yukon-Apple typically code-names its iOS releases around ski resort towns,

More iOS 13 rumored features

Cross-platform app

Apple is more likely to introduce a new feature in iOS 13-support for cross-platform apps. Apple is said to be working to implement features that would allow apps designed for the iPhone and the iPad to run on the Mac, but there has been some disagreement over when this feature will debut.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil improvements are also supposedly on the docket. How this active pen will change is a mystery. Apple last released a new version of this stylus in 2015, so this could be the introduction of Apple Pencil 2.

Project "Marzipan"

It's possible iOS 13 will bring the unification of Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems' APIs. With project "Marzipan," a developer will be able to write an app that can run on a Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This unconfirmed change was originally thought to come this year, but has reportedly been pushed back.

Other features

Other features planned for iOS 12 include additional Animoji characters, a new Animoji interface and Animojis on iPad, FaceTime support for Animoji, updated parental controls with a new Digital Health tool to allow parents to better monitor screen time, a revamped Stocks app, an enhanced version of Do Not Disturb, and support for multiplayer augmented reality games.

iOS 12 will be released at WWDC this year on June 4, other operating systems will be updated, including Mac OS 10.14, TV OS 12, and watchOS 5. Of course, iOS 12 will not be available until later this year, when it launches with apple's new iPhone.