How Long will Jeff Bezos Overtake Bill Gates As the Richest Person in the World?


According to Forbes Magazine, with the Amazon stock price rising dramatically continually, this company founder and concurrent CEO Jeff Bezos is nearly closer to the world richest person list. How long will he overtake the concurrent No. 1 place of Bill Gates as the richest man?

For the 30 years FORBES has been tracking global wealth, only five people have ranked on annual compendium of wealth as the richest person on the planet. Except those, at least one other person held the title, but it lasted only two days, so he never appeared at that rank on FORBES' annual list of World's Billionaires.

Now, Amazon Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is poised to join this exclusive single digit club as Amazon stock continues to soar. Before the soar, Bezos was on the sisth place of the World's Billionaires lost. The online retailer's shares climbed 1.3% on Monday, adding $1.1 billion to Bezos' net worth. Bezos is now a mere $2 billion from assuming the No. 1 spot on FORBES Real-Time Billionaires List. Bezos has a net worth FORBES estimates at $88.2 billion as of the close of markets on Monday, while Microsoft founder Bill Gates holds the top spot on the list with a $90.1 billion fortune.

Bezos' net worth has risen $15.4 billion since the 2017 Billionaires List was released by Forbes four months ago, which soaring $27.6 billion over the past year. This means that Amazon's share price at current levels will raise 2.5%, which will surely enough to push the Bezos's to the No.1 richest throne. Amazon will report earnings on Thursday, if the results are strong enough it will push the company's share price, and then the fortune is further increased.

Let's just see if Bezos can overtake Gates in the next few days.

Top World's Billionaires in Forbes Rank

The Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates has held the title for 18 of the past 23 years, so let's see who else were at No.1 place besides Gates in the three decades:

In the first list of richest person polished by Forbes in 1987, who held the title was Japanese billionaire Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, who had a $20 billion net worth at the time. But as the Japanese estate bubble burst, his business had plummeted and he has been caught in jailed for forging financial information.

Next in the year of 1991, another Japanese real estate billionaire, Taikichiro Mori, became the world's richest person with a $15 billion fortune, $1 billion higher than Tsutsumi's fortune that year.

After 4 years later, an American was first time to reach the Top.1 in the list of richest person in the world, it was Bill Gates, the cofounder of Microsoft with the $12.5 billion net fortune. From that on, he's the more often to climb title for longer than anyone else, he won the championship for 13 consecutive years. Until his good friend Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett bested him in 2008, but just a year later in 2009, he took the No.1 place again.

Time fly to 2010, telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu who is from Mexico topped the list, and this was the first time a person is not from a country other than the U.S. or Japan climbed on the top place.

On September, 2016, the shortest owner Amancio Ortega, the founder of Spanish clothing retailer Inditex (best known in the U.S. for its Zara stores), briefly topped Gates as number one richest on Forbes' real-time rankings, but it only stays for two days so just as quickly fell out of the top rank.

The latest update of the world richest man: Jeff Bezos beat Gates for owning the No.1 place for the first time, but it only stayed for a few hours. Look the shortest time of the richest man in the world belongs to Bezos now, but nobody can tell when he will climb title again.