Google Updates Google Earth for iOS App: Voyger Guide


Google Earth had been introduced critical Updates on April this year, but the updates are only available for Android and online version, but now Google Earth for iOS has the same new feature through this time's update by Google. Just come and have look what's new in Google Earth for iOS, and do you want to use google earth over google maps or apple maps?

"Google Earth allows you to see any location on Earth with satellite precision and it's a free app for your phone. That alone is an amazing accomplishment. Even as most smartphone owners grow used to having every piece of knowledge they could possibly need at their fingertips at all times, Google Earth manages to astound by pure scale and presentation."

Please hit here to download the latest version of Google Earth for iOS, and visit this blog to fully get rid of Google Earth for Mac if needed.

New features introduced in Google Earth for iOS

Despite allowing users observe the earth from many angles, the biggest change in this update is about adding a Voyger function. With Voyger in Google Earth for iOS, it will certainly guide you to travel all over the world with famed tourist destinations, such as Paris, Rio de Janeiro, etc. besides, Voyger supports eight languages to travel 140 tourist attractions.

The update supports a detailed 3D map of various locations, so that users can go through in a virtual landscape, and share your 3D picture with friends and families taken form Google Earth for iOS. What's more, users can even use renderer to take the shareable "postcards".

This update includes a new navigation section, which there users can perform interactive tour of interesting locations, including 360-degree images, and it can pop up knowledge card when user accessed this location.